A Mighty Protector!

Sis. Shilpa Sagar

I want to thank God for His mighty protection over our family. We were on our way to Ashera’s school for the Parent-Teacher meeting, in a taxi. Suddenly the taxi driver took a wrong turn and was about to hit the car in front, which was coming at a high speed. But for our mighty Saviour, it would have been a fatal crash; yet, all we felt was a rubber like bounce back and forth, and the car stopped suddenly. Our God is always mindful of us and He had been present there, watching over us, inspite of the driver’s absentmindedness. He is always watching over each one of us. I praise and thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for His divine protection. All glory, honour and praise belongs to Him alone!

Lord Jesus is my best Friend!

Ps Joseph Alexander Fernandez

I praise and thank God for His loving protection. It was during the busy hours and heavy traffic in Abu Dhabi, when my mobile rang and without using the bluetooth, I began to speak. I did not realise when my car had moved to the left track, which is the fast track and had moved to the extreme left that it was about to hit the divider. God in His infinite mercy saved the car, my colleague who was with me in the car and me, from a disastrous accident. Eloquent words and this gift of life are not enough to thank our dear friend Jesus Christ, who not only saves us from our sins, but also protects us day after day from all kinds of mishaps and disasters. For the past 15 years here in Abu Dhabi, the Lord has kept me safe from accidents, breaking traffic rules or from being imposed fines by giving me divine wisdom. We ought to believe that He walks with us; we should feel Him, Love Him and talk to Him; our greatest friend is Our Lord Jesus and He is alive. All glory and honour to the Almighty God!

God is my Victory!

Bro. Joshua Ebenezer Joseph

I am immensely glad to share with each one of you my dear brothers and sisters about the victory that our God has fought for me in the prolonged legal battle with my employers. Though we are assured in Mark 11:24: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”; month after month passed by, as our carnal nature played tricks on us, by constantly reminding us of our weak financial position. Further, I was not receiving any responses from the numerous jobs I had been applying to. This again raised

many survival related questions. However, when the time came to face financial commitments, we were not only given the wisdom and courage to act, but also the confidence of God’s merciful provision. There was a time when I thought that one month without my salary would mean disastrous consequences, but God carried us through 8 months, without my salary. To tell you the truth, we experienced God’s peace and calm during that time and this experience enabled us to shift our focus from ourselves to God’s greatness, power and sovereignty. In addition to all this, hearing the wonderful truths of our God taught to us, by our Pastors, bolstered our faith. There was also a time when our family thought we were totally handicapped without a car.

However, our longing desire through the week to return to our Heavenly Father’s house and to fellowship with our brothers and sisters made us enjoy bus travel. My family and I are very grateful to God for having led us to this church, where we are fed with rich spiritual food that has brought about a change in our identity. I sincerely wish to thank Pas. Prabhu. Pas. Rekha, Pas. Thivi, Pas. Joe, Asst. Pas. Santosh, Asst. Ps. Prem, the ministry assistants and each one of you dear brothers and sisters who lovingly and fervently supported us through your prayers and stood by us, as a family. It truly is overwhelming to witness your celebration, on sharing the news.

All glory, honour, everlasting praise and thanksgiving to our loving God who makes us victorious!

Truly, a year of Segullah! I have received my Promise!

Sis. Elizabeth Rani

A month ago, God helped me to pass the HAAD exam and now once again he has showered His immense grace upon me. I was searching for a job after passing the exam, got a few calls, but the salary package was too less. I trusted God that He will give me twice the salary, to the one I was getting previously in Saudi Arabia, here in the UAE. I had even shared this with my husband, but in one corner of my heart I started doubting the promises of God and looking at the negative circumstances around, based on what people said. Soon, I decided to join a hospital with less salary, but my husband and I were continuously praying for more salary. Unexpectedly, two week,s ago, I got a call from a edical Centre for an interview; when asked I quoted a salary package exactly double my previous salary. I was asked to wait for their response. In the meantime, my husband and I continued praying. Soon, I got the offer letter and I was shocked to see that the salary I had requested was quoted there. I could not control my happiness or my tears of joy and just kept praising Jesus in my heart. All the words in the world are not sufficient to thank my Almighty and Faithful God. I want to thank my husband for his great support. Thanks to all Pastors, Pastor Joseph and the prayer team for uplifting our family in prayers.

He is the Greatest and Sweetest God. I Love you, Jesus!

God is my Healer!

Bro. Rakesh Lawrence Doss

Praise the Lord for his marvelous miracle that has happened in my life. I was suffering from Styes (Hordeolum), wherein the sebaceous glands around the edge of my eyelid got clogged and had got swollen like a boil. There was constant pain in my eyes and the boil grew bigger day by day; it had become difficult to move my eyes and see things around. Yet, I was determined not to visit the doctor, as I knew my God is a healer & I prayed over the boil during the worship, in our regular CCA service. I had completely forgotten about the boil, as the pain had reduced and the boil had disappeared the following day. All glory and honour to our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST!

God’s Favour in Every Situation!

Sis. Olga Odella Menon

Last year while we were seeking admission for Shaun in Hyderabad, we had to face a few issues. First of all we were late and as he is a non-local, we had to get admission through the NRI quota. This meant we had to pay approximately 2 lakhs every 6 months. We hoped and prayed that this year we may transfer his registration as a local student, as we plan to relocate to Hyderabad and that the University Management would consider it as well. Ps Prabhu prayed for us and agreed with us that we would find favour with God as well as man. Our God is a living God and He hears our prayers. Shaun’s registration as a local student was approved and we had to pay only 84,000 rupees, which is lesser than half the amount we had paid last year. Shaun also secured a scholarship for both the terms last year; as for his Gr.12 result, we had to pay only 60% of the local fee schedule.

All glory to our living God!

At the end of the yearly internship, the students present their thesis for evaluation. The College Dean personally had evaluated Shaun’s thesis; she was much impressed by his work and advised her fellow examiners to use Shaun’s thesis as an exemplar piece for the other students. In fact most of his fellow interns had come out disappointed after presenting their work. He also did well in the viva. God gives his children wisdom and understanding, to be role models to others. All praise and honour to our Almighty God!


Asst. Ps Santosh Jayarajan Menon

In April 2016 our company was chosen as the Supplier for a very prestigious and huge valued Sales Contract; one day after the meeting with the contractor, my Branch Manager called me and asked me to take up this project and become the team leader. I was taken aback in surprise at this and wondered why my Company wanted me to handle this project, as I was just assisting the Branch Manager at the tendering stage; first of all

neither was I one of the Sales Engineers nor a part of the Sales team, secondly the why me question, for a project of such prestige and huge value and finally in spite of many experienced Project Managers who had years of experience in working on such big projects, in all of our UAE offices. Nevertheless, I confirmed my willingness to take up this assignment with the assurance that the Blood of Jesus was my only qualification. Through God’s favour, I was able to get a very big sales order; it turned out that the value of this project was more than the total sales target that was set by the Management for this year and I was able to bag this value all by myself. Never in the history of the company had anyone got such a big order. Moreover, this was good news for the company as everyone was worried about the current market situation. As the order came and I started working, at every stage I could see the hand of God in every situation; the Holy Spirit was leading me and guiding me. I realised the awesome plan of God, who was working behind the scenes, to see my family blessed, making the management be favourable toward me. Praise God! The Contractor wanted me to handle other projects that are currently assigned to other Sales Engineers. This is the year of SEGULLAH and as God has promised this is truly a year of victory and abundance for me.
I give all the glory and honour to the Almighty God and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Jehovah Shammah-He is always with me!

Ps Thivianandan Sittampalam

I thank and praise our heavenly Father for all the immense favours He has showered upon my family and me, during the past few months. This is the year of Segullah, a year of possessing promises and abundant blessings. The miracles we have experienced during this year are far-reaching and unimaginable. The word of God says in Matthew 6:33: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”. We stand as a family, as a living example of God’s immense goodness and mercies. We serve a faithful God, who is our provider, our protector and our guide; a God who fights our battles. Few months ago, I had a crisis situation in my work place, which had troubled me a lot. Factors such as job market crisis, oil price decline, and advancement in technology had also threatened my job. I had worried about all these issues as a human being, but as a child of God, I prayed sincerely asking my God to increase my faith levels and I continued to serve Him faithfully. The Lord Jesus fought all my battles and delivered me from those crises situations. I give all glory to God! Furthermore, during the past month, I had faced challenges in my finances and did not know which way to turn. All glory to God, even this crisis was resolved last week, by the miraculous intervention of our God Almighty. As we reflect on all the miracles that the Lord has done in our lives, we can clearly see that we have truly possessed His promises for us.

All glory, honour and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!