Job Breakthrough

Testimony by Bro. Anugrah 
He testifies of His love in helping him to be posted as an “in house Architect” for the Andhra Pradesh Urban greening Corporation. On the day of his interview, brother says that he was encouraged with the scripture “ He is able to do exceedingly above all that we ask or think...according to the power that worketh in us" and he has been blessed with an opportunity immediately in Vijayawada. God has blessed him with this job according to his heart's desire. To God be all the Glory.

Healed of blood clot in the eyes

Testimony by  Bro. N. Samuel Prabhakar Rao

Bro. Samuel was a Diabetic since 14 years. Due to that, he developed a cataract problem in both the eyes. Doctors advised that he should undergo a surgery. Accordingly he was operated on the left eye on 17th September and right eye in the month of October 2016. Later the eye Specialists diagnosed that he was suffering with Retinopathy and there was a blood clot in the eyes and the blood leaked onto his retina from the blood vessels resulting in blur vision in spite of a Cataract Surgery. On 6th November to the healing prayers where Ps. Prabhu prayed that THE LORD HEALED the problem of blood Vessels and bone marrow problem. He went back to his home and after four days he went to meet the eye Specialist for review/checkup and for Angiogram where the doctors gave him appointment on that day. The doctor surprisingly told him that there are no blood clots in his eyes and there is no need for any treatment for his eyes. The Angiogram was also ruled out.  Bro. Samuel says that it is a great Miracle done by LORD JESUS CHRIST and truly our God is the Greatest Physician!

Sister has been waiting for her promotion at her work place.  This was long awaited blessings. In God’s perfect time, He has fulfilled His promises. Sis. Vilashini joyfully says that our GOD is LIMITLESS and HE GRACIOUSLY blessed her this year in His ABUNDANCE. For this she gives all Glory and Honour to God Almighty!

Testimony from Bro. Rajshekhar Reddy and family

Bro. Rajshekhar Reddy and family have been attending this church since 8 months and testify of God's love and his clear direction upon their lives. Brother is from a staunch and strong Catholic background attending masses daily and being a part of several retreats across the nation and United States too.

God miraculously has been working in this family and today the couple along with their 2 daughters have been water baptised for the glory of God. This way the whole family has received the gift of Salvation. The family testifies that this church came into their lives at a crucial point where they wanted to go back to the Catholic church. But since the time they've been attending this church, brother says that there has been no looking back at all! Brother who is a builder by profession says that God has been doing wonders in his business opening door after door thereby making even his business rivals to be at peace with him. This happened after they DECIDED to commit everything into God's hands and allow Him to have His way in their lives.

God has done an impossible thing possible in the life of her daughter Sis. Shilpa. During her pregnancy phase,  the doctors in a scan diagnosed the foetus to be with Down Syndrome and the doctors advised strongly to go for an abortion. But Sis. Shilpa strongly believed God to do the impossible and rejected the advice of the doctors. Just after a few days in the next scan, the scan showed a different result. The baby in the womb was perfectly fine and today the child Rehaan is one and a half years old HAIL & HEALTHY!

The family thanks God for His direction and faithfulness upon their lives!

On Oct 30, 2016, Pastor Prabhu called out to all those who need a Physical Healing and asked us to come forward for Prayer. I happened to go to Pastor Comfort and requested him to pray for Healing from Dry Cough. I was suffering from it for more than 2 weeks and in spite of taking medicines, the cough kept recurring. In his prayer, Pastor Comfort prayed for instant healing, and praise be to God I was healed and the cough did not re-occur till date. Praise be to God for this healing! Thanks to our church and our Pastors.

Job Breakthrough

Testimony by Sis. Samatha Chinna

I started looking out for jobs but couldn't get the profile I wanted and I did not want to compromise on anything less than the best.
As I was waiting on God for a turn around in my situation, many a times God spoke to me through Psalm 37:4 (Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart) every time I got discouraged the holy spirit reminded Psalm 46:10 - Be still, and know that I am God and kept me going.

Even as I got involved in serving God, he has been so faithful in meeting all my needs. There has never been lack during this time, he has been an amazing provider.. My every need was taken care of without asking for help.

God opened a good door of employment at a very good company that I did not have the qualification nor experience for. It was only his favor that I got selected and did not have to compromise on the pay or the profile in spite of the long break.

Since the time I've been attending this church God has restored many things in my life and filled my life with great peace. The word preached here has transformed me in many ways.

Truly God has been my shield, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I give him all the glory, honor and praise for his unending love and faithfulness towards me.

Healed of Asthma Attack

Testimony by Bro. Kenneth

Brother was affected with severe cold and chest inflammation. And that night the inflammation was so severe that he couldn't breathe which led to a severe asthma attack. He couldn't move, breathe or talk and he couldn't even walk to the hospital that was just opposite to his residence. The inhaler that he was using was of no effect as the wheezing got severe.
Brother had decided to take rest the entire day i.e., on Sunday as he was on high sedation. But he had decided to attend the Church Service and thought that after he attended the church, he would go to the hospital and back home to rest. So he attended the Miracle Morning Service and as he entered the church, he says that he experienced the touch of God and was healed. He says that it was truly the presence of God that healed him. He also says that though he did not pray for his healing yet he just came and sat down at the desk and realized that he didn't need to take the inhaler and there was no breathlessness at all. The presence of God healed him. Bro. Kenneth gives all glory to Jesus Christ for the healing.

Skin Rash healed

Healing Testimony from Sis. Anne Prabhakar

Sis. Anne Prabhakar’s son Justin who has been suffering with severe rash from the past 6 years during winters. Every year it was a trouble for him. The rash would be so severe that it would disfigure his face and wherever he stood, he would scratch himself. Any amount of cream did not work on him. When Sis. Sumitha Martin in of the Miracle Morning Service testified about her son's healing, Sis.Anne's husband Bro. Prabhakar agreed in prayer and lifted his hand on behalf of his son Justin. He completely believed and immediately checked Justin upon returning home. To their surprise, their son received an instant healing. Sis. Anne says that when her son came in the morning, his hands, thighs and face was swollen with rash but after receiving the healing until today, there is no trace of rash at all. Truly our God is the Greatest Physician!