Bro. Samuel was a Diabetic since 14 years. Due to that, he developed a cataract problem in both the eyes. Doctors advised that he should undergo a surgery. Accordingly he was operated on the left eye on 17th September and right eye in the month of October 2016. Later the eye Specialists diagnosed that he was suffering with Retinopathy and there was a blood clot in the eyes and the blood leaked onto his retina from the blood vessels resulting in blur vision in spite of a Cataract Surgery. On 6th November to the healing prayers where Ps. Prabhu prayed that THE LORD HEALED the problem of blood Vessels and bone marrow problem. He went back to his home and after four days he went to meet the eye Specialist for review/checkup and for Angiogram where the doctors gave him appointment on that day. The doctor surprisingly told him that there are no blood clots in his eyes and there is no need for any treatment for his eyes. The Angiogram was also ruled out.  Bro. Samuel says that it is a great Miracle done by LORD JESUS CHRIST and truly our God is the Greatest Physician!

Sister has been waiting for her promotion at her work place.  This was long awaited blessings. In God’s perfect time, He has fulfilled His promises. Sis. Vilashini joyfully says that our GOD is LIMITLESS and HE GRACIOUSLY blessed her this year in His ABUNDANCE. For this she gives all Glory and Honour to God Almighty!

Testimony by  Bro. N. Samuel Prabhakar Rao

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